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Learning a new skill can be overwhelming and intimidating. At Coloring Butterfly, the reviews, tips & tricks, tutorials, and more are written from an adult colorist’s perspective. is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research, experience and hands-on enjoyment of adult coloring.

Coloring Butterfly Mission. The mission of is to help you learn about and grow in your skills in adult coloring. Within, you can, for example

  • Find answers to hundreds of colorings questions.
  • Learn hundreds of tips and tricks.
  • Develop, expand, and sharpen your coloring skills.
  • Learn from extensive coloring tutorials and guides.
  • Explore new ways to apply color.
  • Learn to choose and apply colors easily.
  • Learn to evaluate colored pencils.
  • Learn about coloring book artists.
  • Learn about the benefits of adult coloring.
  • Learn how to create your style in adult coloring.
  • Learn about how to organize your creative space.
  • Learn about hundreds of creative art projects.
  • Learn how to use crayons, markers, and more.
  • Download relevant resources to help your adult coloring.
  • And more.

Who is behind I am Author B. Schreiber.  I started to share my knowledge, passion and love for adult coloring, creative arts, and storytelling. I have been deeply immersed in corporate advertising and communications, and this is a field where I have the privilege to help create the story of global brands.

I first became interested in adult coloring after a severe car wreck where I incurred a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I took up coloring as one of the mental exercises to assist my brain in my ongoing recovery, and I fell in love with adult coloring. If you want to read more about my TBI, go to: “How A Traumatic Brain Injury Introduced Me to Adult Coloring.”

As I started getting into adult coloring, I was overwhelmed by the choices in prices, variety, colors, and set sizes of coloring pencils. There was discussion about color vibrancy, core strength and softness, oil-based/wax-based, ease of blending, open stock, and so much more. Where do you begin? The more I read, the more confused I became. Finally, I just settled on buying my first coloring book and set of colored pencils.

When I became serious about adult coloring, I knew I wanted a better set of coloring pencils. I read and read and read reviews but was still undecided about where to invest my money. Reading was not enough, and I had to get my hands on the pencils to feel touch and see how they responded to the type of coloring I was doing at the time I was looking. As my skills improved, I graduated in quality coloring books and themes of coloring books. Since then, I have spent hundreds of hours learning about and enjoying the hobby of adult coloring.

Coloring Butterfly is my way of sharing the passion of adult coloring with you.

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