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Free Color Pencil Swatch Charts for Adult Coloring (Detailed)

Free Color Pencil Swatch Charts for Adult Coloring (Detailed)

Free Color Pencil Swatch Charts for Adult

Free colored pencil swatch charts for 50+  brands for adult coloring.

As an adult colorist, I think it is fair that most of us enjoy picking up our favorite coloring book, choosing a scene and watching it come to life as we add color with our favorite-colored pencil set. One day I am coloring in a jungle, the next day, I can explore a castle, and the next, I am evaluating color combinations for an intricate mandala. As my skills improved, I graduated in quality coloring books and themes of coloring books. I have sets of Caran D’Ache, Farber-Castell, Prismacolor, Castle Arts, Black Widow, Derwent, Holbein, Arteza and more. I like to review my swatch charts before I begin to color to give me ideas of which coloring set I want to use and which colors to engage with.

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Free Color Pencil Swatch Charts

To give back to the adult coloring community, I have developed color pencil swatches for all the colored pencil sets I own and have reviewed. Note below two listings for each swatch “Blank” and “Filled-in.” These terms mean:

  • “Blank” is a swatch version you can download and fill in yourself.
  • “Filled-in” refers to a version of the swatch I filled in when I reviewed the pencils. You can also use these as a reference to see what the colors will look like before purchasing.

You will also note that I have developed some blank forms that will allow you to make your own swatches for your pencil sets. I have also provided a link to where you can find a review I have developed for the colored pencil set. Please drop me a line if you find a mistake or would like me to develop other colored pencil swatch charts.


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