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How to Find Colored Pencil Reviews (

How to Find Colored Pencil Reviews (

Colored Pencil Reviews 2

How to find colored pencil reviews and 50+ reviews.

Buying colored pencils usually begins with reading and watching reviews about five or more pencil sets, and these reviews are essential to helping you decide which colored pencil to buy. This article is written to help understand colored pencil reviews and where to find 50+ in-depth colored pencil reviews on

50+ Colored Pencil Reviews
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Other resources. Check out other supporting resources on that you might enjoy.

50+ In-depth Colored Pencil Brand Reviews

In the chart below, find 50+ links to colored pencil brand reviews on I have carefully reviewed, held in my hands, and tested over 60 brands of colored pencils for the type of adult coloring I do. If I like the pencil, and it is fun to use, then it is a tool that will allow me to have many hours of joy in creating beautiful moments in adult coloring. That alone defines if the pencils are worth the investment for me. [TOC] Colored Pencil Reviews

Amazon Basics Premium Arteza Expert Arteza Premium
Black Widow Brutfuner Bruynzeel
Caran D’Ache Luminance Caran D’Ache Pablos Castle Arts
Castle Arts (Metallic Set) Castle Arts (Pasteltint Set) Cezanne
Chameleon Crayola Signature Creyart
Derwent Artists Derwent Coloursoft Derwent Lightfast
Derwent Procolour Derwent Studio Faber-Castell Premium
Farber-Castell Classic Farber-Castell  Goldfaber Farber-Castell Polychromos
Fantasia Premium Holbein Holbein Pastel Tones
Kalour Koh-I-Noor Polycolor Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor
Magicfly Marco Raffine Marco Renoir
Marco Tribute Masters Markart Mitsubishi Uni
Nyoni Phoenixcolor Prismacolor Premier
Prismacolor Premier Verithin Schriprerr Farben Soucolor
Spectrum Noir ColourBlend Staedtler Ergosoft Star-Joy Gold Edition
Tombow Irojiten Zenacolor Color
*The coloring pencil reviews are subjective, based on my personal experience, research, and the performance of colored pencils in activities like coloring books, pages and sheets. My Review seeks to provide as much information as possible to ask the right questions, evaluate the information, and make better decisions about the colored pencils you choose and use. I will update this article as new information becomes available.

Types of Colored Pencil Reviews

Which colored pencils reviews can I trust? Reviews come in the form of articles, videos and more. You can learn a lot from both types of reviews. Reviews are based on a reviewer’s skill base and experience, and reviewers can range from novice to professional artists. A reviewer’s point of view is valid because that is their experience. For example, consider the purchase of an automobile. Some recommend Chevy or Ford, while others recommend Honda or Subaru. (I like Subaru.)

When I read, watch, and listen to colored pencils reviews, I want them filled with information. Once you have read a few reviews, you will quickly understand what reviews to evaluate and which ones to ignore. I can go through 10 Google listings for pencil reviews in a couple of minutes once I get a sense of what is out there. Once I find a reviewer, blog or website I trust, I keep returning to them because I trust their experience. Let’s take a closer look at the type of colored pencil review you will find. [TOC]

Sponsored vs. Non-sponsored Reviews

Should you view reviews from reviewers who are sponsored for the review or those who are not sponsored? That is an easy question. View both. Why, Colored pencil sets can get expensive, especially when reviewing more than just a few.

I am okay with reading a review from someone given the pencils. As a practice, these reviewers will tell you upfront that they were given the pencils to review or that their review includes affiliate links. All I want is expertise. They get the freebie; I get years of experience, which is a good trade-off.

In my case, I am not an artist. But I am an experienced adult who continues to love and grow in adult coloring. I have spent hundreds of hours using and reviewing pencils for my use, and I am sharing what I have learned. It’s my opinion. I hope you find value in the articles. [TOC]

Artist vs. Non-artist Reviews

I think there is a place for both types of reviews. It is important to remember that colored pencils are not just used for adult coloring. There are artists, designers, hobbyists, teachers, families and more who use and want to find the best-colored pencils to meet their needs. I want to make sure that at least 50% of the reviews I read have some or all their focus on the type of colored pencils use I will be doing. In my case, my reviews are meant for those who enjoy and want to make decisions for adult coloring in coloring books. [TOC]

Using Reviews: A Three-Step Approach

Colored Pencil Reviews 1

I like to read and view reviews about colored pencils, and I would like to share how I evaluate colored pencils, which includes reading and viewing.

  • Step 1: Google search and read blog articles. I like to start by reading about colored pencils. I start with articles written by experienced colorists and artists that list the top 5, 10 or more pencil sets and explain why. Some lists are best budget pencils to best expensive pencils. These articles help me narrow my focus. Next, I read articles that drill down into specific brands. Why do I read vs. view YouTube first? I can narrow my search to two or three choices in an hour or two.

CAUTION: Stay away from reviews that are nothing more than lists of colored pencils with a link to an online store. Often these lists will have a list of the top 5, 10, or more. What is the list based on? I did not find them to be of any real value.

  • Step 2: Google search and view YouTube. At this stage, I am focused on two or three brands. When deciding on videos to watch, look at the number of views and the year posted. I want to start with a video that is no older than three years and has 500 to several thousand views. When I view videos, I get to listen in on a conversation with someone who is taking the time to share their knowledge. I get a front seat to what is going on. Why do I view videos second and not first? Colored pencil video reviews can easily last 30 minutes, and I want to spend that time with my narrowed selection.
  • Step 3: Amazon reviews. Amazon reviews are essential; in these reviews, you get the experience of others. By this time, you have read and viewed enough about the pencil sets that you can better understand which reviews to listen to. [TOC]

Using Amazon Reviews Example

Almost every colored pencil set on Amazon has reviews. The reviews are meant to provide you personalized perspective regarding a person’s experience using colored pencils. There are 1-5 star ratings, verified purchase vs. non-verified purchase reviews, long vs. short reviews, and many coloring buzz words. This section will discuss how to unpack the Amazon colored pencil reviews. What to use, who to trust, and more.

What are some of the tips for reading reviews? When reading the reviews, read a cross-section of 5-star to 1-star reviews. It’s surprising what you can learn even from the “worst” reviews. When reading reviews, check the date.

“Verified Purchase” reviewer.  An “Amazon Verified Purchase” review means that Amazon verified that the person writing the review purchased or used the product on Amazon and didn’t receive the product at a significant discount. I place more weight on “Verified Purchases” than on those that are not, and I usually bypass them. [TOC]

Amazon Reviewer Verified vs. Non-Verified Purchase

Colored Pencil Reviews 3

Will I ever bypass a review if it has good information? Yes, the review can still provide a lot of good information. Still, in the back of my mind, I am asking whether the review is a fake review from friends, a paid review by the manufacturer, a review by a competitor, or the price other shoppers paid.

I don’t know if the reviewer purchased the item on another site or a brick-and-mortar store (e.g., Hobby Lobby, Michaels). Not relying on non “Verified Purchase” is a conscious choice that allows me to feel more comfortable and safer with online purchasing decisions.

When do I disregard “Verified Purchase” reviewers? I have read hundreds of “Verified Purchase” reviews of all types of products on Amazon. There are a few common red flags that stand out to me. For example,

  • Same review, just a different product. Suppose the reviewer is verbose and continues to say the same thing repeatedly. If I am suspicious about “Verified Reviewer,” I will click on the reviewer’s name and be able to see all the reviews the person has written. Does the reviewer give everybody 5-stars full of praise or 1-star reviews full of complaints? Do they use the same sentences and change out the name of the product?
  • The product arrived damaged. If a reviewer comments or gives fewer stars because the package came late or was damaged en route (e.g., broken, torn/bent edges), I will ignore them. The problem is usually caused somewhere between shipping, transit, and delivery. It has nothing to do with the quality of the coloring book author, colored pencils, or other coloring supplies. When I have issues with product damage, I send it back to Amazon and get a replacement. The problem is solved.

What are my favorite reviews from “Verified Purchase” reviewers? I like the reviews that take time to outline and tell you about their experience, give me pros and cons, show me examples, and more.

Be aware of the review date. The reviews that are the more recent have more weight. I read colored pencil reviews five years ago when consumers complained about the pencils, packaging, colors and more. When I compared the reviews from the most recent year, those same types of consumer complaints were gone. Companies read and listen closely to consumer reviews and will make improvements.

Look for reviewer red flags. The adult coloring community is quite savvy when evaluating colored pencils, artists, coloring books and more. As a community, they do a good job and helping others navigate the product and experience the product. I have read reviews that warm me of coloring books with stock images, fake books, and design flaws. [TOC]

Why Reviews are Important: A Personal Experience

Colored Pencil Reviews 5

I thoroughly enjoy the world of adult coloring. I was hooked when I first picked up the coloring pencil and began coloring. I have spent many beautiful hours coloring, learning, and developing my coloring skills. Over the years, I have had a chance to evaluate, purchase, and experience various colored pencils and coloring books. Allow me to share my personal experience.

I became interested in adult coloring after a severe car wreck where I incurred a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I took up coloring as one of the mental exercises to assist my brain in my ongoing recovery. I fell in love with adult coloring. If you would like to read more about bout my TBI, go to How A Car Crash Gave Me the Gift of “Living in the Present”

  • First choice experience. I remember when I bought my first set of colored pencils. I reviewed up to 10 pencil brands, read five or more reviews for each, and viewed many Amazon reviews. The more I looked, the more I hesitated and confused I felt. I ended up buying a cheap brand with lots of colors. That was a terrible choice. I wanted to quit coloring because I was not too fond of the pencil set and the coloring experience they gave me. I did not know there was a difference in pencils
  • Second choice experience. As I started getting into adult coloring, I was overwhelmed by the choices in prices, variety, colors, and set sizes of coloring pencils. There was discussion about color vibrancy, core strength, and softness, oil-based/wax-based, ease of blending, open stock, and so much more. Where do you begin? The more I read, the more confused I became. Finally, I just settled on buying my first coloring book, ColorIt Mandalas for Adults, Volume 1, and SJ Stary-Joy 72 Colored Pencils. That was perfect for getting started.
  • More experience choices. When I became serious about adult coloring, I knew I wanted a better set of coloring pencils. I read and read and read reviews but was still undecided about where to invest my money. Reading was not enough, and I had to get my hands on the pencils to feel touch and see how they responded to the type of coloring I was doing at the time I was looking. As my skills improved, I graduated in quality coloring books and themes of coloring books. I have sets of Caran D’Ache, Farber-Castell, Prismacolor, Castle Arts, Black Widow, Derwent, Holbein, Arteza, and more. [TOC]

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