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25+ Free Mandala Coloring Pages Websites for Adult Coloring

25+ Free Mandala Coloring Pages Websites for Adult Coloring

Free Mandala Coloring Pages Website

Find 25+ free mandala coloring page websites, plus the mandala origins.

In this article, I will share 25+ websites where you can find mandala pages to Color. All the sites have the secure “https,” meaning that you will have an increased layer of security between your browser and website.

Other resources. Check out other supporting resources on that you might enjoy.

Types of Mandala. The basic mandala that you will see in coloring books and pages comes in the form of a circle. I find the mandala to be an intricate geometric design. In coloring, you will find a variety of mandalas that come in the form of

  • Animal mandala
  • Easy mandala
  • Flower mandala
  • Intricate mandal
  • Mindfulness and calm mandala
  • Ocean mandala
  • Season mandala
  • And many more

Where did the mandala come from? Traditionally mandalas are geometric designs. The mandala holds significant symbolic meaning in religious traditions. That has a spiritual and symbolic meaning. The mandala, in the form of a circle, represents the entire universe. Life is never-ending, and everything in the world is connected. The mandala can be, such as in Tibetan culture, used the mandala to assist in meditation

What was my first introduction to the mandala? I was first introduced to the mandala in the form of adult coloring. Adult coloring was an important part of the ongoing recovery from severe car crashes and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). See the article, “How to Find Free Coloring Pages (+50 Websites).” For more information.

Because of the TBI, my mind would become slow and foggy after 30 minutes of coloring. Coloring the mandala was a form of mental exercise. Each mandala would take me several days to a week to complete. Initially, I was frustrated and wanted to complete the mandala in one sitting. In a short time, I saw how coloring the mandala was helping me enjoy and find peace in the moment. The mandala was perfect for me. I loved how the mandala came alive as I colored. The mandala represented my feelings and inner consciousness.

As a colored, I could center my focus and find peace. In addition, my coloring skills grew, such as experimenting with color combinations and learning to blend and layer.

What are free coloring pages? You can find 1000s of free coloring pages and pintables across the web. They can be samples of pages from your favorite coloring book, coloring book author, magazine, colored pencil manufacturer, government agency, blogger, or even favorite libraries/cultural institutions.

Some sites have hundreds of downloadable images, while others have just a few. The coloring pages represent the global coloring communities’ talents, interests, and more. If you can think of a topic, you will be able to find a site that is willing to share these illustrations with you

How to Search Free Coloring Pages on Google

Do a Google search to find free coloring pages that you can download and print out on your desired printer stock. Some of the Google searches I have used with success are as follows:

  • Free coloring book pages
  • Free coloring book pages in pdf format
  • Crayola free coloring pages
  • (Name of your favorite coloring book artist) free coloring pages (e.g., Johanna
  • Basford free coloring pages)
  • Free coloring pages printable
  • Free coloring pages (subject matter) (e.g., animals, Disney, jungle, mythical,
  • dragons) (Example: Free coloring pages animals)
  • Free coloring pages for (age group) (e.g., preschool, kids, children, teens, adults)
  • (Example: Free coloring pages for adults)

If you are looking for a mandala to cover, try the following Google searches

  • free printable mandalas for adults
  • free printable mandalas for beginners
  • printable mandalas pdf
  • mandala coloring page
  • mandala coloring book free download
  • full-page mandala coloring pages

50+ Websites with Free Mandala Coloring Pages

The following are just a sampling of the websites you will find with free coloring pages. Some sites have hundreds of downloadable images, while others have just a few. The coloring pages represent the global coloring communities’ talents, interests, and more. As you download images, I strongly encourage you to check downloads with your antivirus software. See the section above entitled, “OOPS! Your Free Coloring Page Included A Computer Virus (Be Safe).”

100% Free Mandalas. Find a nice collection of mandala’s under categories such as animals, flowers and vegetation, geometric patterns, zen and anti-stress, characters and tattoo ideas.

30 Seconds. 30 Seconds has a collection of mandalas for adults and children. If you like intricate mandalas, give this website a try. s

Color A Mandala. Color A Mandala allows you to filter the coloring pages from abstract to complex and easy. Find themes such as flowers, hearts, squares, stars, or words.

Coloring Bliss. Coloring Bliss is a beautiful website for all things coloring. Find over 60 Mandalas, from simple to intricate.

Coloring Castle. Find four pages of mandala coloring pages.

Coloring Home. Coloring Home is full of wonderful Mandala designs of all difficulty levels, such as floral, abstract, geometric, and animal mandalas.

Felt Magnet. Felt Magnet is offering a menagerie of 10 animal Mandalas.

Hello Kids. Hello Kids has a nice range of mandalas, such as abstract mandalas and animal mandalas (e.g., lion, turtle, Owl).

Homemade Gifts Made Easy. Free Mandala coloring pages for adults and kids, with flower mandalas, geometric designs, animals, Easter, Christmas, Holidays, and more!

iHeart Crafty Things. This website offers a small collection of 10 simple Mandala designs.

It’s A Mother Think. It’s A Mother Thing as prepared a 50-page Christmas-themed Mandalas.

Just Color. Just Color has a group of advanced Mandala coloring: including designs related to Japan, nature, movies, music, animals, and various designs.

Just Family Fun. Just Family Fun has created fantastic animal mandala coloring pages that include animals such as countryside creatures, fantastic felines, gorgeous birds, extraordinary dinosaurs, brilliant beasts and mythical unicorns. The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health is a non-profit organization that operates a health and yoga retreat in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. They have prepared 12 mandala PDFs. A lovely collection.

Monday Mandala. Monday Mandala has 70+ Mandala coloring pages such: as intricate lines, swirls, and curves of both abstract and nature-based designs.

Money Fit Moms. Find a collection of 10 nicely designed flower-themed mandalas.

NadiiaZDesign Coloring. Find six mandals that are well-designed.

Poredpanda. Poredpanda has a nice set of Mandal’s designs such as paisley doodles, flowers and leaves, paisley, oriental, peacock, dragon eye, framed flower, and garden.

Printable Coloring Pages. Printable Color pages include a collection of simple to-color Mandalas with themes like animals, butterflies, flakes, flowers, hearts, mandalas, kids and stars.

Red Ted Art. Has a nice simple collection of meaningful Mandals for adults and other coloring pages.

Skip To My Lou. Includes a collection of simple, nice Mandalas.

Super Coloring. Super Coloring has a large collection of Mandala pages that include themes such as Tibetan, Celtic, Floral, Abstract, Star, Geometric, Native American, Animal, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more.

The Current by snapfish. The Current has ten free mandala coloring sheets. For you to choose from. Some are super structured and geometric, while some are more organic, featuring leafy and floral-type designs.

Tiara Tribe. This website includes a wonderful collection of fun, free printable animal mandala coloring pages that are just right for both kids and adults. For kids and fun for adults too.

WON:DERD:AY. This website has a large collection of 100+ simple and complex quality mandalas.

Sample Mandal Coloring Books

I want to share three mandala coloring books. The books will give an idea of the type of mandala you will find. These coloring books will be flip through. If you like to see more flip-throughs of mandala and other coloring books, see YouTube.

THREE examples

Other Resources to Consider

The following resources are available on for you to consider.

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