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How to Google Free Coloring Pages (+50 Websites)

How to Google Free Coloring Pages (+50 Websites)

How to Google Free Coloring Pages

Google search tips to find free coloring pages, plus 50 free websites.

You can find 1000s of free coloring pages and pintables across the web. The pages range from cutesy to intricate. Coloring pages can be provided by almost any type of entity.

They can be samples of pages from your favorite coloring book, coloring book author, magazine, colored pencil manufacturer, government agency, blogger, or even favorite libraries/cultural institutions.

Some sites have hundreds of downloadable images, while others have just a few. The coloring pages represent the global coloring communities’ talents, interests, and more. If you can think of a topic, you will be able to find a site that is willing to share these illustrations with you

Other resources. Check out other supporting resources on that you might enjoy.

How to Search Free Coloring Pages on Google

Do a Google search to find free coloring pages that you can download and print out on your desired printer stock. Some of the Google searches I have used with success are as follows:

  • Free coloring book pages
  • Free coloring book pages in pdf format
  • Crayola free coloring pages
  • (Name of your favorite coloring book artist) free coloring pages (e.g., Johanna Basford free coloring pages)
  • Free coloring pages printable
  • Free coloring pages (subject matter) (e.g., animals, Disney, jungle, mythical, dragons) (Example: Free coloring pages animals)
  • Free coloring pages for (age group) (e.g., preschool, kids, children, teens, adults) (Example: Free coloring pages for adults)

Samples of 50+ Websites with Free Coloring Pages

The following are just a sampling of the websites you will find with free coloring pages. Some sites have hundreds of downloadable images, while others have just a few. The coloring pages represent the global coloring communities’ talents, interests, and more. As you download images, I strongly encourage you to check downloads with your antivirus software. See the section above entitled, “OOPS! Your Free Coloring Page Included A Computer Virus (Be Safe).”

#ColorOurCollections. A collection of free coloring books from libraries and other cultural institutions worldwide. Download and print coloring pages from the New York Academy of Medicine Library, the Getty Research Institute, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and many more!

3 Wish Studios. Find a medieval-themed coloring page by 3 Wish Studios.

A Mathematical Coloring Book. A 38-page coloring book by Marshall Hampton with mathematical models and geometric structures (such as the Sierpinski triangle).

Art is Fun. Find adult coloring pages full of Thaneeya McArdle’s designs that include images of animal designs, patterns, mandalas, and more.

Chronic Illness Warrior Life. Find a large selection of adult coloring pages that include images of mandalas, animals, flowers, garden scenes, and more.

Coloring Castle. Free coloring sheets, including mandalas. Additional categories include holidays, animals, food, nature, space, sports, etc. Great for kids too!

Coloring Craze Books. A collection of coloring books from Coloring Craze. The books aren’t free, but you can download sample free coloring pages. Books include Motivational Quotes & Phrases, 30 Day of the Dead Coloring Pages, and the Stress Relieving & Relaxing Patterns series.

Coloring Faith. Free Christian coloring pages such as scriptures, quotes, patterns, animals and more.

Coloring Pages Bliss. Find coloring pages by Jennifer Stay when you subscribe to the email newsletter. The printable coloring sheets are filled with various styles, from mandala to zentangle.

Coloring Pages for Adults. This website is devoted to offering free printable coloring pages intended to stimulate relaxation, brain stimulation, and fun.

Coloring.WS. Some older adults will appreciate these simpler spring-themed designs. They’re also great for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia who might get overwhelmed by more complex designs.

Crayola. Find an excellent selection of free coloring pages for kids and adults.

Crayola (Adult). A small collection of printable coloring sheets. Choose from designs such as “Art with Edge Sugar Skulls,” “Lennon and McCartney Yellow Submarine,” or more.

Dandi Palmer. Free printable coloring pages by Dandi Palmer. Patterns, decorative, flowers, fantasy, ABC, and others.

Disney. Explore the world of Disney, Disney Pixar, and Star Wars with these free coloring pages for kids. Color them online or print them out to color later.

DIY Candy. DIY Candy also hosts a list of 100-plus free printable coloring pages on their website. These include geometric designs, abstract patterns, gemstones, bookmarks, flowers, and even steampunk!

Don’t Eat the Paste. Find an entire section of free mandala downloads.

Doodle Art Alley. Enjoy some fun coloring pages and printables. free printable coloring pages for the entire family from Easy Peasy and Fun! The collection includes basic shapes for children, beautiful mandalas, and detailed forest animals.

Easy Peasy and Fun (Adult). You can find dozens of free adult coloring pages on this website. There is a lot of variation among the designs, so take some time to explore and find your favorites!

Everything Etsy. Find different designs that include bookmarks and inspirational quotes, and more.

Faber-Castell. A modest collection of printable free coloring sheets. Color a bird mandala or an enchanted fairy! There are also several holiday-themed coloring pages.

Favecrafts. Find coloring pages for adults with images of flowers, quotes, patterns, mandalas, animals, and more.

Flanders Family. Free Christian coloring pages by Jennifer Flanders. Find coloring pages for adults and links to other websites with free pages. Pages include animals, quotes, mandalas and more.

Hallmark. Find free printable summer coloring pages.

Happiness is Homemade. Free Adult Coloring Pages. These free coloring sheets are perfect for grown-ups or older children looking for a challenge.

Hattifant. Includes a variety of free coloring pages and articles with pages of patterns, animals, and more.

Homemaker Magazine. Amber Hatch and Alex Ogg’s five free coloring pages include mandalas and patterns.

JoDitt. Free Christian coloring pages.

Johanna Basford. The illustrator behind some of the most popular adult coloring books, such as Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest, and Lost Ocean, also offers some free coloring page downloads through her blog.

Just Color. has 1,500+ free printable coloring pages for people of all ages! Regardless of your interests or skill level, this archive has something for everyone to color and enjoy. Includes various themes, artists, difficulty levels, and styles; this is an excellent resource for anyone interested in coloring.

Just Color Kids. Discover their free Coloring pages for kids to download in PDF or print. Animals, famous characters, artistic or educative coloring pages.

Liltkids. Free printable coloring pages from the books by Animals, quotes, flowers, mermaids, patterns, and others. h

Louise Lawler. Photographer Louise Lawler worked with children’s book illustrator Jon Buller to create this unique 12-page coloring book. Each page is a black-and-white version of one of her photographs of places where art is displayed.

Monday Mandala. Find printable mandala coloring sheets. You can also sign up for their email to receive free coloring pages in your inbox!

Mum in the Madhouse. Find free coloring pages of seasons, gift tags, quotes, holidays, bookmarks, flowers, quotes and more. Learn colors, names, and relations with basic teaching materials such as color wheels and flashcards.

National Geographic Society. Download and color statues and buildings from ancient Greece and Rome. Every day is a good day to color. If you have a budding artist, you’ll love this collection of coloring pages to keep kids interested and busy.

Phee McFaddell. Find original free adult coloring pages for fairies, elves, dragons and more. These free, printable coloring pages are fun for kids to print and color.

Red Ted Art. Find free coloring pages for adults that includes pages of mandalas, quotes, leaves, ocean, animals, owls, patterns, butterflies, faces, holidays and more.

Redefine Creativity. Alisa Burke shares free adult coloring pages on her blog, Redefine Creativity.

Relaxing Patterns Coloring Book. Another PDF coloring book from Rec Therapy Today (53 pages). Free coloring pages consist of swirls, shapes, flowers, and other designs.

Shabby Creek Cottage. The Shabby Creek Cottage has 101 free adult coloring pages for you! If you choose to color with old-school crayons, some watercolor pencils, or colored pencils, you can take a printable coloring page and turn it into your very own work of art. They include mandalas, animals, floral prints and more!

Sheri McClure Pitler. Original free coloring pages by Sheri McClure-Pitler include abstract, geometric, art deco, mandalas and more.

The Spruce Crafts. Pick from thousands of relaxing coloring book pages made specifically for adults. Free printable coloring pages of cartoons, nature, animals, and more.

Squidoodle. Original free coloring pages by Squidoodle and has pages of flowers, leaves, skulls, quotes, steampunk, and more.

Stay Well, Stay Inspired. A 16-page coloring book with uplifting quotes and writing prompts from the American Library Association.

Super Coloring. Free coloring sheets and books to print. You can download coloring books like “Forest Animals,” “Zentangle Horses,” “Beautiful Women Portraits,” and “Floral Fantasy” (among others) or print coloring pages (including color-by-number!) from a variety of categories (mammals, fruits, fantasy, stories, space, etc.)

SuziQ Creations. Original free adult coloring pages by Sue Chastain include pages of quotes, inspirational, cancer, flowers, patterns, mandalas and more.

The Guardian. You will find five free adult coloring pages from Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden coloring book.

The Public Domain Review Coloring Book for Diversion, Entertainment, and Relaxation in Times of Self-Isolation, Vol. 1 . Free downloadable coloring book (from the Public Domain Review site) with 20 images from a wide range of artists, including Hokusai, Albrecht Dürer, Harry Clarke, Virginia Frances Sterrett, Jessie M. King, and Aubrey Beardsley.

Trail of Colors. Many free coloring pages for adults include pages of animals, flowers, birds, quotes, holidays, hearts and more.

Tried and True. Free original coloring pages by Vanessa Brady that includes pages of quotes, inspirational, Father’s Day and more.

WHSmith. Free pop culture coloring page samples from books.

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